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My Bloody Valentine
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Title:  My Bloody Valentine
Author: jenscat
Rating: bad language, hand holding, kissing
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Disclaimer:  Don't own anyone. All fiction.  No offence intended.
Summary:  Jensen has issues with Valentines & blood. Jared soothes.
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My Bloody Valentine

Jen was having one of those days.  He felt tired, like his nerves were stretched tight.  Every scene today had taken a little more effort than usual and he was beginning to feel drained.  Maybe he was coming down with something.  He and Jared were sitting waiting for another scene to be set up.  Jared was playing some game on his phone which kept emitting these annoying sounds of something being blown up or shot up and God knows if he doesn't end it soon Jensen is going to shove it up his nose.  But worse than that were some of the crew members milling around behind them, constantly giggling and gossiping about Valentine's Day, and what they were giving their boyfriends, girlfriends, or significant others, what they were hoping to get, what had been the best gift they'd ever received, the worst gift, on and on it went, making his head hurt.  Christ, would they ever stop?  Wearily he rubs his temples and sighs.

"What's up Jen?" Jared pipes up, still pounding away at his game.

"Valentine's day is a load of commercial bullshit, introduced by greedy retailers who're only interested in making a profit.  You buy a big pink card covered in hearts with a big soppy message inside to tell someone how you secretly feel about them but you don't sign your name so how the hell are they supposed to know it's from you when they haven't realised before now that you might be interested.  Even if you're in a relationship you can't win.  If you buy chocolates, they're pissed at you because you're making them fat.  You buy jewellery and immediately they think it's a ring and are pissed at you when it's not, even though you've only been dating a few weeks and that's way too early for something like that.  You pay a fortune for flowers which only cost half the price the week before, trying to pick the right colour 'cos different colours say different things and you don't want to say the wrong thing but they're all going to wither and die anyway so maybe in the end they're all saying the same thing.

As he finishes his rant he becomes aware of a deafening silence.  Glancing up he realises that all eyes are on him, eyes and mouths open in horror at his words.  A slow blush begins to rise to his face as he feels the glare of every pair of eyes, disagreement evident on every face.  He drops his head to his hands.  Man, this day sucks.

"I dunno Jen.  I kinda like it".

Jensen turns his head to gape at Jared.  He's still immersed in his damn game and semingly oblivious to all the hostile glances being sent in Jensen's direction.  Why should he feel surprised?  Valentine's is pink and fluffy and all about touching and hugging and not being afraid of showing people how you feel which is so Jared.

"You do?", he manages to mutter.

"Yeah, I mean not everyone is good at remembering birthdays and anniversaries but it's hard to forget Valentine's Day because of all the in your face advertising.  Not everyone is good with words so they give cards that say how they feel.  Just because they can't put it into words, don't mean they don't feel what the verse in the card says.  It doesn't have to be all about money and giving expensive gifts.  It can be small gestures, like doing something nice for your special someone, cooking dinner for them even if your best is just beans on toast so that they can sit and relax and tell you about their day while you really listen, cuddling up on the sofa watching a movie you hate just because they love it and actually telling them you love them instead of trying to say it with fancy flowers and chocolates.  You know, little things", he finishes with a shrug.

Silence greets this statement as well, but when Jensen glances around he sees that the death glares have been replaced with sappy smiles and moist eyes and are directed towards Jared.
*              *              *

Jensen is scanning the supermarket shelves for headache tablets.  He chooses a packet and heads to the checkout.  On the way he passes depleted shelves of Valentine cards.  He glances at them as he's passing thinking of Jared's words.  All of them are a blur of pink hearts and flowers.  Suddenly he halts as his eye falls on a card with just a monochrome photo of two very cute and cuddly Labrador puppies.  Inside the card are just three words.  He gets into line at the checkout, tablets and card in hand.  Two giggling teenage girls get in line behind him.  Jensen begins to feel twitchy convinced they're staring and giggling at the card in his hand.  He grabs up a bag of gummi bears with which he covers the card, immediately feeling better.
*            *          *
He sits in the driveway fuming, his eyes on the bag containing the damn card.  What the fuck was he thinking, buying the stupid thing?  Who the hell hires someone who doesn't know the price of things and has to shout across the shop at someone else to ask them the price of the Valentine card?  Which Valentine card?  The one with the cute puppy dogs on it?  Jensen had almost run from the shop, tight-lipped and red-faced after slamming his money down.  He swallows down two headache tablets, shoves everything back in the bag and shoves the bag into his jacket pocket.

"Fucking card", he grumbles to himself as he flings the car door open.  He hears the door connect hard with something causing someone to cry out in pain.  He sits in shock, half in, half out of the car.  Jared is lying on his back in the driveway, a hand to his head, moaning in pain.

"Fuck Jared!  Are you ok?  I didn't see you.  What were you doing?"

Jared groans as he sits up, hand still to his head.

"You've been sitting in the car so long, I thought something was wrong.  I was just coming to check on you, see if you were alright, didn't expect to get hit in the face for my trouble".

Jensen finally manages to get out of the car.  He helps Jared to his feet, watching in fascinated horror as the blood that is slowly seeping from between Jared's fingers transform into large drops which plop onto the driveway creating various large red splotches.

Jensen stares transfixed.  It's like cloud watching, that one looks like a bird, that one is like the map of Texas, that one looks like Sadie, yeah, like cloud watching, except they're not white, they're red, because they're not clouds, they're blood, they're Jared's blood and God, Jensen is not good with blood and if he doesn't stop looking at it he's going to land face first in bloody Texas.  There is a rushing in his ears, sweat breaks out on his forehead.  He can feel his own blood drain from his face.  With an effort he tears his eyes from the ground to Jared.  Mistake! Big mistake! Jared has too much blood running down his hand and onto his shirt.  He pulls his eyes from Jared and stares at the house.  That's better.  There's no blood on the house.  Stop!  Don't think blood. Think jam!  There's no jam on the house.  As he runs to the house he yells at Jared to get in the car.

He runs back to the car not looking at the jam on the driveway, jumps in throwing a towel to Jared to hold to his jammy head and to help cover the jam on his shirt and drives to the hospital.  Jared babbles away beside him all the way to the hospital.

"It looks worse than it is.  Nothing to worry about, it's only blood".

Fuck!  Stop saying blood!  He goes on to tell Jensen of all his childhood accidents which involved blood, not jam, blood, and there were a lot of them.  Jensen wonders how on earth Jared managed to survive at all.  God why couldn't he have hit him in the mouth with the door, maybe then he would shut the fuck up about blood?

"It'll probably take just a few stitches and I'll be right as rain".

Stiches!  Stitches!  Jensen feels himself getting paler.  This day sucks!
*      *      *
Jared sits on the bed swinging his legs waiting for the nurse to return with his prescription.  He had only needed two stitches and Jensen had held his hand tightly while he was getting them.  Jared wasn't squeamish and really didn't mind having stitches , hadn't needed anyone to hold his hand but had said nothing because the experience of having Jensen hold his hand was one he couldn't pass up.  Glancing at Jensen standing by the bed he notices how pale he is.  He frowns as he sees beads of sweat on Jensen's upper lip.

"You ok Jen?  You don't look so good.  You're white as a sheet and I can see your freckles in 3D even without the stupid glasses".

Jensen swallows and tries to smile, rubbing his temples.

"I'm fine.  It's just a bit hot in here".

"Here, take your jacket off, sit down, have a sip of water.  Does your head still ache?  You could ask the nurse for some tablets".

"A little.  I have tablets in my jacket".

Jared slides Jensen's jacket off his shoulders, lays it across his lap as he hands Jensen the glass of water off the locker.  He rummages through Jensen's jacket for the tablets as Jensen slowly sinks down onto the chair across from him.

Jensen takes a sip of water, places the glass back on the locker, leans back in the chair and closes his eyes with a sigh.  He doesn't know whether it's because he has closed his eyes, blocking out the sight of Jared's blood stained shirt or that he's sitting down or the sensation of the cool liquid at the back of his throat but he does feel better.  Maybe he's not going to faint after all.  For a while there he was sure he was going to, had even considered stepping out of the room for a while until the feeling passed but he couldn't leave Jared to get stitched up alone with no one to hold his hand, especially since it was his fault Jared was here in the first place.  Suddenly he hears a bag rustling and Jared's saying:

"What's this?  A bag of gummi bears?"

Jensen's eyes fly open.  Jared has placed the gummi bears on the bed beside him and is now reaching back into the paper bag.

Jensen's eyes widen.  He starts to panic.  The card!  The fucking stupid card!  Oh God, let me faint, let me pass out now.  He stares at Jared's bloody shirt.  He stares at the plaster covering his stitches with the small spot of blood seeping through.  Nothing!  Dammit!  Not even a little dizziness!  Where's the justice in that?  Wait, he's an actor.  He'll close his eyes and pretend to swoon but Jensen's eyes cannot be torn from the sight of Jared opening the card with the cute puppies on the front and reading the three words on the inside.  This day sucks!

Jared's eyes slowly rise to meet Jensen's.  He arches his good eyebrow.

"Seriously, Jensen, a Valentine?  I thought you said it was all a load of commercial bullshit".

Jensen drops his eyes to his lap, a hot blush darkening his cheeks as he bites his lower lip.  He shrugs grumpily.

"I was buying tablets anyway.  I was going to leave it back but what with the stupid fucker at the checkout making such a song and dance about it, shouting all over the shop at the top of his voice to find out the price of the card with the cute puppy dogs on it and the giggling teenage girls in line behind me, it was simpler just to pay and leave".

Jared smiles as he pictures the scene.  Jensen was adorable.  Jensen had bought him gummi bears and a valentine card with puppies on it bearing a simple message with just three words, in front of giggling teenage girls.  Jensen had driven him to the hospital.  Ok it was his fault Jared had to go to the hospital in the first place, but he had stayed with him and held his hand when it was pretty obvious that Jensen had issues with the sight of blood and maybe needles too.  A warm fluttery feeling in the pit of his stomach had him saying softly:

"You bought me gummi bears".

Jensen shrugs.

"You like gummi bears".

"I love gummi bears".

"I know".

A beat of silence.

"You bought me a Valentine card.  A card with cute puppies on the front".

Jensen shrugs.

"Well, you like dogs.  The rest were girly.  All hearts and flowers and shit".

"I love puppies".

"I know".

Another beat of silence.

"You bought me a card saying 'Be my Valentine'."

Jensen shrugs.

"It didn't cost much and that's just what was written on the card.  It's no big deal.  It could just as easily have been 'Be my sasquatch'.  It doesn't mean anything.  It's just a bloody valentine."

Jared reaches out to clasp the front of Jensen's t-shirt and as Jensen's eyes rise to meet his, he slowly pulls him forward, saying:

"It is a big deal.  Gummi bears are my favourite.  Anyone can buy candy but only someone who loves you will buy your favourite.  It's not about the cost.  It's about buying me what I like.  It's not just a bloody valentine.  It does mean something.  It means you're my bloody valentine."

As Jensen feels Jared's lips gently brushing against his, he smiles and mumbles softly:

"That's great Jay, just please, stop saying bloody."

Jared smiles and complies happily by covering Jensen's lips with his own.

Jensen thinks maybe the day doesn't suck as much after all.

The End.